How to Wear a Swimming Cap

People often become astonished thinking, does it is any significant matter knowing how to wear a swimming cap! The fact is, yes it is a matter! If you do not know the wearing ways of your swim cap it could be significant to damage your hair, to make you uncomfortable!

Swim caps are one of the most important gadgets (yea sort of it) for swimmers. It can reduce water dragging, and prevent hair damage by chlorinated water. It also works better to give the swimmers a comfortable feel against the unnecessary hair playing on the face.

Yea, all swim caps are looks so simple, and so pretty! But if you do not know how to properly use those on your head, even the silicone swim caps could make your swimming disturbing and irritating. However, let’s stop the introduction-and dive into depth.

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How to Wear a Swimming Cap?

A successful swim workout demands an accurate of all swimming gadgets on over your body and head. However Swimming caps are todays targets, so lets tell how to properly wear it is on your head. You may call the following the swimming caps-wearing tips.

Whatever you want to called these off, you can-but follow all of these to successfully wear your swimming cap before start your swimming.

Wet the Hair At First

Some latex swim caps may strike your dry hair. to get rid of it, first wet your hair with potable water. For more benefits, a hair conditioner also could be a great choice. It smoothens the hair along with protecting it from silicone striking. If you think both of these are hassles, just wet the swim cap itself! This is the best solution for swimmers who are in a hurry!

Set the crease Properly

After de-packaging you must see there is a crease just in the middle of the swim cap. This portion is to be set on the center of your head. Once you can set this crease portion perfectly, the cap will set straight from the center of the head throughout the front and back.

That means the latex swim cap will be set properly. Interestingly instead of centrally placing this crease, you can place it horizontally too. That means covering from one ear to the another. The benefit of such placement is that it can prevent more water resistance. So you can get more water drag while you are swimming.

Put On the Swim Cap To Cover all The hair

As you have set the crease properly now set the whole cap over your head. If it is needed, give the cap a good scratch until you can line up the cap’s seam on the middle of the forehead and on the back of your head (nearly the neck portion). Do not bother with the ear-to-ear covering first.

Hence it is better to focus on the forehead to the back neck covering. Just grab the cap with your right hand on the front side, and pull the cap with your left hand on your back head. After covering those two portion, now give a gentle pull to cover your both ears. So here we indicate nearly the neck portion, which usually that refers to cover the bottom hair line of your head.

Cover the Middle of the Forehead

Do not cover the hairline only. It will give you loose strands. During a deep dive, your swim cap may fall apart from your head. So cover the middle of the foreheads, it will prevent the silicone cap from falling while you are diving under the water.

Take care of the Cap’s seam

It’s almost cover just above here. The cap seam should be present in the middle of the forehead. this seam is supposed to cover the forehead, and trends to cover the span of your nose! So do not focus to ear to ear setting. Just focus on the lineup of the seam of your cap covering near the snap of the nose.

Tie your Long Hair

Long hair means an additional problem at the time of swimming. However, just tie your long hair on the high of your head using a hair band. And cover the head after this. If you let your hair to be exposed to the chlorine of the swimming pool water, certainly your hair will damaged. So be very cautious to cover the long hair.

Wear Double Cap:

One swim cap is to cover the hair. And the other is to hold the google straps. You can give it a few tries using such a way! It brings a better result for the swim goggles wearer.

Stretch The Cap Up and Down

The new cap might be too tight, to give you a discomfort feeling. So after wearing it, you can stretch the cap up and down and every side so that it can become a little bit lose than the previous. A better attempt is to stretch the new cap before wearing it. However, by stretching the cap, you can pull it from the center of your head to the middle of your forehead.

Try Different Styles

You may have different types of caps, as it may be of silicone made, may be of latex, or neoprene. Whatever the cap materials are-it is better to try with different styles. Silicone caps suitably fit on the head. This cap also gives an easier take-off and take-on.

But the problem is, this cap can easily slip off or move out from your head. Latex caps are not as comfortable as silicone caps, but these caps adhere properly to swimmers’ heads. In the same manner neoprene caps also do not suit everyone. Therefore my suggestion is to race with different materials and styles and find out which suits you more.

Take a Post Swim Preparation

Many-body performs this action. Just dry the caps properly and use baby powder or talc powder inside of the whole surface. This additional inclusion helps the cap to easily cover your head, it also prevents bacterial growth inside. Also, it increases the cap’s lifespan.

Take The Second Person Assistance

Wear your cap on your head. Cover the hair as much as possible. Pull the seam of the cap towards the middle of the forehead and call your friend to pull the cap towards the back of your head. It will help the cap to totally cover the head hair.

Properly Store After Using

Once you have finished using your swimming cap, now let it dry and store it in a secured place.

How To Secure Your Hair Under The Swim Caps?

This portion is especially for log hair swimmers. Do a ponytail, and tie all your hair using a hair band. Then cover the ponytail with the swim cap. If you still cannot cover underneath the swim cap, tie all the hair using a tight band. Make a tight bun using that hair band, and place the bun on the high of your head, instead of near your neckline.

Once you made your ponytail or hair bun, now wet them using normal water with or without hair conditioner. This will help your hair not to strike with the cap materials. Moreover, you can also wet the cap. Whether the cap or your hair is wet, both these help the cap to easily slide over the head and cover the hair. Dry hair or a dry cap can give you a painfully pull-on over the hair strands.

Additional tips are sprinkling baby powder or talc powder inside the swim cap. It will help the cap to easily slide over the head for more take on and take off.


How do you put on a swim cap?

Blend the side of the cap. Place the center of the cap on your head middle. Then pull the cap towards the forehead. Once you line up the cap’s seam on your forehead middle, now pull the cap towards the back of your head. Cover the back hair bottom line.

Do you cover your ears with a swim cap?

Yes, it is a must! Just hold your ear by your hand. And cover both ears with the swim cap. Covering the ears with a swim cap will protect your ear from invading pool water inside of the ear.

How do you wear your hair under a swim cap?

I have long hair. So I badly need to expand more time covering that hair with a swim cap. I just make a tight bun on the high of my head. And wet this bun with little water. After then, I wear my swimming cap. If you have shorter hair, but need to tie-you can go with a ponytail.

What do you put under a swim cap?

I put nothing under a swim cap. Because I have long hair, therefore wearing any additional item under the cap, makes a great hassle to get the whole hair coverage underneath the swimming cap.


The most important matter in your learning about how to wear a swimming cap is that, choose the best swimming cap and keep a few tries with it. To make your swimming a good record, wearing goggles is a must! You must see all your competitive swimmers must wear this safety gear, as it can give more reduce water dragging. You can wear googles under the swim cap, or onto the cap, totally depends on you.

So that’s all for today. Best of luck!

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