Board Shorts Vs Swim Trunks

Board Shorts Vs Swim Trunks

The biggest swimwear myth is that whatever you wear in the water is okay! But this is not the case. Wearing the right swimwear can make a huge gap. Men’s options are limited, though; board shorts and swim trunks are the most popular. However, there is a dispute as to which of these two is … Read more

Mirrored Vs Polarized Swim Goggles

Mirrored Vs Polarized Swim Goggles

In this modern era, you will get swim goggles in different varieties such as clear goggles, colored goggles, smoke goggles, mirrored goggles, polarized goggles, etc. Mirrored Vs polarized swim goggles which one to choose? Both work well in different types of swimming. However, polarized swim goggles perform better than mirrored goggles in some contexts. If … Read more

How To Defog Swim Goggles

swimming goggles defogger

Goggles are essential when it comes to swimming. Without goggles, water can get into your eyes and disrupt your vision underwater. With being so useful, goggles can also add some tension while swimming by fogging up. Apparently, this is something every swimmer struggles with. That’s why we need to know how to defog swim goggles … Read more

How to Clean Swim Goggles

swimming goggles defogger

It is beyond to say swimming goggle is one of the most essential gears for a swimmer. But at a similar time, it is the most annoying and worst part when the goggles become dirty. But if you know how to clean swim goggles properly, it won’t be a big deal for you. Do you … Read more

How To Keep Swimming Goggles From Leaking

swimming glasses

The purpose of swimming goggles is to prevent water from going into the goggles. However, If the fitness of your goggles isn’t properly right, water can enter into the lenses. And they may cause discomfort. When they start leaking, there is no use for goggles anymore. It becomes very annoying when water leaks during swimming. … Read more

How often Should you Replace Swimming Goggles

how often should you replace swimming goggles

Nobody likes a foggy or blurry goggles while swimming. Sun, water, and chlorine can wear out your goggles after several uses. Hence, to enjoy your swimming fullest, you need to replace them after a certain time- for you or your baby. But how often should you replace swimming goggles? Let’s find the answer in this … Read more

How to Keep Goggles from Fogging

swimming anti fog goggles

Swimming with foggy goggles is very complicated for a swimmer. Whereas, for the divers, it’s a life-threatening matter. That’s why; you must consider a practical solution for your goggles before jumping into the pool. So, how to keep goggles from fogging? The simple and easy tricks of preventing fogging from your goggle lenses are applying … Read more

Gear Up with Team USA Swimming Gear: Dive into Success

Team Usa Swimming Gear

Looking for USA Swimming gear? Check out the official USA Swimming shop for a wide selection of women’s and men’s apparel, including shirts, hats, and swimwear. You can also find team spirit items at Agonswim. com and Kiefer. com, or browse online retailers like Amazon. com, eBay, and Fanatics for discounted prices on Team USA … Read more

Michael Phelps Swim Gear: Unlock Your Full Potential

Michael Phelps Swim Gear

Michael Phelps swim gear includes the Michael Phelps MPS X-O swim cap, adult goggles, swim number touch overlay, and the limited edition Michael Phelps race cap by Aqua Sphere. Other gear options include the MP Michael Phelps XCEED mirrored goggles, Alpha Pro fins, and various swimsuits and jammers. You can find these swim gear products … Read more

Slutty Swim Suits

Trending Styles In Sluty Swim Suits

Slutty swimwear trends offer daring and minimal coverage for a bold beach look. These swimsuits typically feature provocative designs. Embracing the latest in swimwear fashion can often mean exploring the edgier, more revealing styles that are labeled as “slutty” by some. These swimsuits are designed to flaunt the body with minimal fabric and strategically placed … Read more