How to Swim Long Distances

How to Swim Long Distances

Swimming long distances take a hatful of muscle, confidence, and courage. For sure! You have to swim at the proper pace like a maniac. But the point is how to swim long distances. Swimming itself is a very challenging activity. Yet more or less, everyone can swim within their comfort zone. But when it comes … Read more

How to Wear Swimming Goggles

how to tighten goggles

Swimming goggles are expected to protect your eyes while swimming. If water gets into your eyes, your vision can get blurry, and you can feel irritation in your eyes or get an eye infection. To avoid such unfortunate occurrences, you need to wear swimming goggles properly. Otherwise, water can get in your eyes through goggles. … Read more

How to Swim Without Goggles

How to Swim Without Goggles

If you want to be the best swimmer you need to become comfortable with the water and swim without goggles. If may you ever fall into the water, then you must be able to look around and be comfortable enough with the environment. And it’s easier to first learn to swim without goggles because if … Read more

How Long to Swim a Mile

what is a good mile swim time

An unknown author once said, “When the world floods from global warming, the swimmers will rule the world. If you want to become proficient, you have to swim one mile in the shortest possible time. So, how long to swim a mile? It depends on your stamina, swimming technique, water temperature, etc. An advanced swimmer … Read more

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

Good news for those who dream of losing a few pounds but dread the thought of running. Regular swimming burns calories considerably. Indeed, it’s true. But how many calories does swimming burn? There is no definitive answer to exactly how many calories you can burn by swimming. It actually depends on several factors, such as; … Read more

How to Get Water Out of Your Ear After Swimming

water out of ear

As the saying goes, don’t panic when swimming, trust the water and go with the flow. Think of water as a friend because it’s not something you have to struggle with. Share the same energy as the water, and it’ll help you move. However, it’s very common to get water trapped in the ears while … Read more

How to Improve Swimming Speed

How to Improve Swimming Speed

As they say, “work smarter, not harder.” And this is equitable when it comes to swimming. Perhaps the fastest swimmer of recent times, Jordan Crooks, trained with this in mind. He took only 20.46 seconds for 50m freestyle. Isn’t it WOW? Indeed, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet how to improve swimming speed to … Read more

How to Swim in Deep Water

swimming tips for learners

Let’s start with a survey report on why you should learn how to swim in deep water! According to this survey report-Every, 46% of the USA people are scared to get drawn under the pool floor. And the remaining 39% are scared to submerge their head under the water! So fear is the main obstacle, … Read more

How to Swim Straight in Open Water

outdoor swimming technique

The biggest challenge for every swimmer is to change the swimming canvas from the pool to the open air. As pool swimmers can follow a black line to fix their direction, there is no such line in open-water swimming events. Therefore it is tough, especially for the newbie or the beginner to swim straight in … Read more

How to Swim Faster Freestyle

how to swim the freestyle

Well, swimming faster (freestyle) is all about summed up of a few techniques like your freestyle stroke, body positioning, how do you turns underwater, how do you dive and how do you kick on the swimming pool. You may have seen lots of tutorials to know how to swim faster freestyle stroke! It is also … Read more