How to Wear Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are expected to protect your eyes while swimming. If water gets into your eyes, your vision can get blurry, and you can feel irritation in your eyes or get an eye infection. To avoid such unfortunate occurrences, you need to wear swimming goggles properly. Otherwise, water can get in your eyes through goggles. As a consequence, using goggles will be pointless.

How to Wear Swimming Goggles

How to Wear Swimming Goggles Properly

It seems like a simple task to wear goggles. However, if it is not properly worn, the mishap will be evident as you get into the water.

1. Put on the Eyecups

Firstly, you need to put on the eyecups of the goggles in your eyes. You should hold both the corners of the eyecups of the goggles and put them on your eyes. Ensure that the lenses of the goggles face toward you. While putting on the eyecups of the goggles in place, the straps can get in the way. You can flip the straps over the eyecups or put on the straps around your neck.

2. Press the Eyecups

Once you have the eyecups in place, you need to secure them in place. Swimming goggles are made with such material that creates suction. It helps to avoid water getting in them. You need to gently press the edges of the eyecups.

The softer rubber material will surround your eye area. You will find a little suction while pressing them. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can change the position slightly and redo the process.  

3. Put on the Straps

Once you have the eyecups in place and feel the suction, you need to secure them using the straps. Place the straps on the back of your head. They should be parallel to the front of the goggles.

4. Align the Backstraps

If you feel like the straps are not securely placed, you can slide them up a little. Sliding them down can cause sliding down the entire goggles. Now, you need to ensure the tightness of the straps. They should feel snug, not too tight, not too loose.

5. Adjust the Straps

You will find buckles on the straps that allow the straps to loosen or tighten. Use that according to your need. You might need to readjust the straps and check them before diving into the water.

How to Find the Right Fit for Goggles?

Glasses are a tricky thing to get right, either they are too loose and they let water in, or they are too tight and they irritate you. Once you know how to wear swimming goggles, it will be easier for you to find the right goggles.

You can make any goggles work by following the above steps. You need to find the right fit too. Also can try different swimming goggles following the above steps and find the right one. Finding the perfect fit is equally important as wearing the goggles correctly. You can check the below criteria to ensure the right fit.

1. Test the seal

The seal of the swimming goggles must be really good. The rubber material creates suction so that water does not enter it. If the goggles are too loose, the suction will not work. If they are too tight, you will feel irritated. Therefore, choose one that feels comfortable but has suction.

2. Adjust the Nose Straps

Many swimming goggles have adjustable nose straps. If you face a problem with the distance between the two eyecups, you should consider getting a goggle that has an adjustable nose strap. This feature allows you to broaden or narrow down the distance between two eyepieces.

3. Find the Right Eyecup

The depth of the eyecups can vary. Some have more room for others, while others don’t. Also, some goggles have expandable eyecups. If you have long lashes or need more space for your eyes, you will need goggles with deep eyecups.

If your lashes get squished in the goggles, and your eyes feel uncomfortable, your vision can also be hampered. So, ensure the best depth for your goggles.  

To Conclude

Many recreational swimmers or self-taught swimmers suffer while swimming because no one taught them the right way to wear goggles. If you are geared up correctly and efficiently, then you can enjoy swimming or focus on it.

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