How to Clean Swim Goggles

It is beyond to say swimming goggle is one of the most essential gears for a swimmer. But at a similar time, it is the most annoying and worst part when the goggles become dirty. But if you know how to clean swim goggles properly, it won’t be a big deal for you.

Do you prefer to replace it with other swim goggles instead of cleaning it? Hold on a second! Why don’t you invest a little time cleansing your goggles and saving your expense? Swimming goggles keep your eyes protected and ensure visibility when you’re under the water.

Whether the water is dirty or clean, putting on the goggles won’t affect your eyes. If you clean, maintain, and store your swimming goggles timely, you can extend their longevity. You need to clean your swim goggles each time before using them. Stick to us until the end of the article to know how to clean swimming goggles effectively.

How to Clean Swim Goggles

How to Clean Swim Goggles| 5 Easy and Effective Steps

Before cleaning, you must know that; there’s no specific cleaner for the swimming goggles. Besides, the goggles’ lenses are advised not to touch at all.

Even if you don’t touch your goggles’ lenses, they’ll gradually get dirty after a certain period of use. Hence, you better know the cleaning process to keep your eyes healthy. So, how to clean swim goggles? To learn, let’s have a look here.

Step 1: Basic Cleaning Preparation

Necessary preparation is arranging the essential thing that you’ll need to clean your swimming goggles. Let’s know what those things you’ll need for cleaning a goggle are.

  1. A small bucket/ bowl,
  2. Clean water (lukewarm and cold),
  3. Mild soap/ detergent,
  4. Vinegar (1 tablespoon).

Step 2: Wash Your Goggles

Firstly, take a small bucket of lukewarm water and wash your goggles thoroughly. You can put the goggles under the direct water of the faucet and rinse them. Do use any soap or detergent when the goggles feature the anti-fog.

The soap and detergent are harmful ingredients for the anti-fog coating of the goggles. It can damage the coating, hence reducing the lifespan of your goggles.

Step 3: Clean the Goggles With the Soap or Detergent

If your goggles have no anti-fog coating, you can use soap and detergent to clean their lenses. But make sure the soap, shampoo, or detergent you’re using has no harmful chemicals. Try to use mild soap or shampoo to clean your goggles. Remove the dirt and soap residue by washing the goggles with lukewarm water.

Step 4: Air-Dry the Swimming Goggles

Keep your goggles in a cold place or under the sun to make them dry. Don’t keep the goggles under the excess heat. The extreme heat easily scratches the lenses of the goggles. It might take about an hour, depending on the temperature. Wait until the goggles get dried completely. Never place wet goggles into the bag or cases.

Step 5: Clean the Persistent Dirt on Your Goggles

If your swimming goggles have persistent dirt, the soap or detergent might not work. Don’t worry! Let’s try another easy and available thing for the dirt. Take a bowl of hot water and mix one spoonful of vinegar. Vinegar removes the excess dirt. Soak your goggles in the mixture.

Wait for two hours and let the solution work on the dirt of the goggles. After two hours, bring out the goggles from the solution and thoroughly rinse them with cold water. Finally, allow the goggles to air-dry and store them after drying completely.

How to Maintain your Swimming Goggles?

Cleaning is not enough to extend the lifespan of your swimming goggles. You must have to maintain and store it accurately. So, how to maintain and keep your swimming goggles? Let’s know in detail.

1. Rinse Your Swimming Goggles Before And After Using

Before and after using, rinse your goggles in normal water; rinsing the goggles before using will clear up your goggles by removing additional dirt. Indeed, clean lenses will give you clear vision when swimming under the water.

It would help if you rinsed the goggles thoroughly after doing your swim. It’ll instantly clean the chlorine and other mild chemicals from the goggles’ lenses. Use lukewarm water to clean when rinsing the goggles instead of cold water. It’ll work more effectively on dirt and debris.

2. Never Touch Your Goggle’s Lenses With Your Bare Hand

It is the number one condition for enhancing the lifespan of your goggles. There are some significant reasons for avoiding the lens touch with the bare hand. The oil and debris of your finger easily create filth on your goggles. Sometimes it sets up permanently.

The goggles’ lenses can be scratched with your fingernails, rough clothes, heavy pressure, etc. Rubbing the swimming goggles reduces their vision, notably when the lenses include the anti-fog coating.

3. Invest In The Anti-Fog Coating

Invest in the anti-fog spray for regular cleaning of the goggles. It’ll remove the mild debris from your goggles without a deep wash. One of the popular anti-fog sprays is the Quick spit Anti-fog spray. It comes at a low price but works very well.

4. Protect Your Goggles From The Sun’s Harmful Rays

The UV-ray coming from the sun is detrimental to your swimming goggles. It makes scratches on the lenses of your beautiful goggles. It is the worst thing about which most of us are ignorant. Keep your goggles far away from the direct sun’s reach as much as possible. Try to avoid swimming in a sunny place with your goggles.

5. Store The Goggles In A Protective Box

The goggle will be scratched or break easily when it falls from the hand. It’s not a rare case to be seen. So, ensure your goggles’ safety by using a protective case for storing them.

6. Don’t Store The Soaked Goggles.

Because of the time lacking, sometimes store the soaked goggles without properly drying them. It’s dreadful for the health of your swimming goggles. So, avoid doing such an act. Store your goggles in the protective case only when it dries up properly.

Is The Cleaning Process Different For Different Lenses?

The cleaning process of the swimming goggles is the same until it does not include an anti-fog coat. The glasses come with an anti-fog coating inside the lenses, requiring special care when cleaning.

All chemical and chemical-bearing objects should be avoided when cleaning the lenses with anti-fog. Wash the glasses only with clean water. Avoid wiping the lenses with a towel or any other clothes if it comes out from the lenses.

Why Do Swimming Goggles Get Foggy?

The swimming goggles get foggy because of your condensed body heat. When you use the swimming goggles inside the water, it becomes cold with the touch of water. No sooner you come from out water, the surrounding areas of your eyes get warmed up with your body temperature.

It makes a combination of cold and hot to your body. Consequently, the inner space of your swimming goggles gets foggy.

The Bottom Line

When you’re a regular swimmer, swimming goggles are your everyday companion for a specific time. Indeed, swim goggles improve your performance because everything can be seen. But it is only possible when the lenses of your goggles are clear and clean. So, how to look after your swimming goggles?

It’s effortless to clean your goggles with the available materials in your home. So, it won’t be challenging to clean your swim goggles if you follow our guidelines sequentially.

Maintain your goggles lenses and get ready for the next performance!

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