How To Keep Swimming Goggles From Leaking

The purpose of swimming goggles is to prevent water from going into the goggles. However, If the fitness of your goggles isn’t properly right, water can enter into the lenses. And they may cause discomfort. When they start leaking, there is no use for goggles anymore. It becomes very annoying when water leaks during swimming. Surprisingly, leakage in swimming goggles is quite a common problem that every swimmer has faced at least once.

Swimming goggles protect your eyes while swimming. They have a seal that attaches to the skin and prevents water from getting in. However, the seal might not work for various reasons.

The Goggles Do Not Fit: If you see that water is leaking through your new goggles, it is more likely that they do not fit you properly. In most cases, the ill-fitted goggles are the main culprit of leaking.

The Goggles’ Shape has Changed: Due to wear or swimming, the shape of the goggles can change. Sometimes, the shape or form of the rubber seal changes and leads to leaking. This problem might be reversible in some cases.

How To Keep Swimming Goggles From Leaking

How to Keep Swimming Goggles from Leaking Properly

Now that we know the two major reasons why your goggles might be leaking let’s get into solving the problem.

1. Find the Right Fit for Goggles

If the reason for leaking is the goggle not fitting you right, then you surely will need a new pair that fits you perfectly. You might ask how to know if the goggles fit right. To find the perfect fit for goggles easily you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Choose the Right Category

Choosing the right size of goggles is the first and foremost thing to do. You can find adult goggles and goggles for children. If you are an adult, choose adult goggles and vice versa.

Step 2: Examine the Suction

The next thing you need to look for is the suction of the goggles. This is the most crucial part as it makes or breaks the deal for leaking. Without putting the straps on, you need to place the goggles on your eyes. Press gently so that the suction gets to work. Let them sit for a little while, like a few seconds. If the suction is strong enough and it sticks to your skin without any external pressure, they are supposedly a good fit for you.

Step 3: Put on the Straps

Once you are satisfied with the seal or suction of the goggles, you need to put on the straps. By putting it on, you will understand whether they fit comfortably or not. You can adjust the straps according to your need. Remember that the straps need to be parallel to your goggles. Ensure they are fitted well but not too much that they start digging into your skin and cause discomfort.

Step 4:  Adjust Nose Piece

For the last step, you need to check the nosepiece. You need to pinch the nose part to perfectly fit you. Pinching the nose piece makes it tighter. If it feels nice and tight, the goggles fit you right. You can push the nose piece outward using your fingers if it feels too tight.

2. Remold the Shape of the Goggles

The rubber part around the eye area of goggles is the part that can get deformed and end up leaking. In such cases, they can sometimes be reshaped again to prevent leakage. Let’s check out how you can remold them.

Step 1: Put Goggles in Hot Water

The rubber part of the goggles that surrounds the eye area and creates suction is the part that needs to be molded back. Therefore, put only that part in hot water. Do not put the lenses of the goggles in hot water as they can get damaged. Be careful while doing this step. Leave the goggles in the water for some time so that the rubber gets loosened and softer.

Step 2: Remold the Goggles

Once the rubber has been in hot water for some time, remove them. Let them cool for a while. Once the goggles cool down to a tolerable temperature, you can mold them back into their initial shape using your hand. If the goggles are cool enough to put on your face, you can wear them to mold the shape around your eyes. You can repeat the above steps if you feel like the rubber has started solidifying. You can eventually mold the rubber pieces of swimming goggles by doing the two steps back and forth.

To Conclude

After knowing the possible reasons for swimming goggles leaking and their solutions, you can surely tell that some easy fixes are available for this problem. Keep in mind that these solutions only serve you to some extent. If your goggles are really worn out, it is best to purchase new goggles rather than fix the leaking problem.

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