Mirrored Vs Polarized Swim Goggles

In this modern era, you will get swim goggles in different varieties such as clear goggles, colored goggles, smoke goggles, mirrored goggles, polarized goggles, etc. Mirrored Vs polarized swim goggles which one to choose? Both work well in different types of swimming.

However, polarized swim goggles perform better than mirrored goggles in some contexts. If you are thinking about choosing the best one between the two, you will probably find this blog very helpful.

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What are the Mirrored Swim Goggles?

Mirrored swim goggles are covered with a reflective coating, reflecting bright light away and passing only a fair amount of light to the eyes through the lens. It gives swimmers perfect and clear visibility in an outdoor setting. It reduces harsh glare from the water and allows the swimmers to see objects perfectly.

Mirrored swim goggles also offer UV protection. That means your eyes will be completely protected even on excessive sunny days. These mirrored swim goggles come in different varieties and colors. You can choose according to your preference.

One drawback of these swim goggles is that you will feel a lack of contrast using this. The objects will be less detailed. However, it will perform best in open water swimming, bright indoor pools, etc.

What are the Polarized Swim Goggles?

Polarized swim goggles are specially made for outdoor swimming in intense glare. Like mirrored goggles, you will not get many color options, but they will surely perform the best in excessive sun glare. You will get a detailed view wearing polarized swim goggles.

You can even see the bed of the swimming pool or sea with these goggles for having an amazing contrast. Interestingly, polarized goggles are also suitable for overcast days. More or less, you will perform well in all weather conditions. That is the reason for being this popular of these goggles for all experienced swimmers.

Some Polarized swim goggles apply their polarizing filters to the outside of the goggle lenses, and some have polarizing filters sandwiched between the lenses. This makes polarized lenses much stronger and less susceptible to scratches and damage.

Mirrored Vs Polarized Swim Goggles: Which one is best for you?

Mirrored goggles and polarized goggles both have some attractive features. Both are applicable for sunny days. However, in some areas, polarized goggles perform better than mirrored ones. Let’s compare and find out the best one for you:

Deal with Glare

 When the days are bright and you wanna swim outside in the open water then Mirrored lenses are good for you.  on the other hand when it is to filtering glare, and light, indoor swimming pool polarized lenses are more effective. Mirrored lenses help highly reduce glare, so it makes too dark dimly lit areas.

So we think polarized swim goggles perform better than mirrored swim goggles when dealing with the sun glare. These goggles can remove all the glare from the surface and provide perfect light to your eyes. On the other hand, mirrored goggles can remove some of the glare, and the view will be darker than polarized goggles. So, polarized goggles are the best option on bright sunny days.

However, mirrored swim goggles perform best on nice sunny days. When there is only a little glare on the surface of the water, polarized goggles will not offer much protection. As it filters the light which has been reflected, you will not get a better view.


Mirrored swim goggles don’t have improved contrast. That is why you will not be able to see any shadows. So, the object will look less clear. On the other hand, polarized swim goggles have perfect contrast by which you will get the perfect shadow and a clear view of the object.

Detail View

Polarized swim goggles provide a detailed view of the objects. If you swim in the sea, you can easily see the seabed. On the contrary, mirrored goggles don’t provide a clear picture of the object.

Colour Variety

Mirrored swim goggles come in different color varieties. You can choose one according to your preferences. However, you will not get these color options in polarized goggles. So, if you need a different color variety, you must go for mirrored goggles.


Mirrored swim goggles are only applicable for low to medium-light conditions. It performs best in light indoor pool swimming. However, polarized swim goggles are best for almost all conditions. Especially on excessive sunny days, it protects swimmers and provides the best visibility for the ultimate experience.


These are the comparisons between mirrored and polarized swim goggles. Considering all factors, polarized swim goggles are the best option for swimmers. You can also choose mirrored goggles in specific situations we have discussed. In this article, we have given all the required information to compare and choose the best one between the two. Now, the choice is yours.

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