How to Keep Goggles from Fogging

Swimming with foggy goggles is very complicated for a swimmer. Whereas, for the divers, it’s a life-threatening matter. That’s why; you must consider a practical solution for your goggles before jumping into the pool. So, how to keep goggles from fogging? The simple and easy tricks of preventing fogging from your goggle lenses are applying home solutions.

Surprisingly, the home solutions we’ve enlisted here work effectively on the fogging of a goggle. For a long-time solution, you’ve to make an additional investment in commercial products and goggles. So let’s check out the solutions, and we would request you to follow our every tip for a great result.

How to Keep Goggles from Fogging

What is the Important of keeping Your Goggles from Fog?

When you’re in the middle of swimming, there is nothing more frustrating than fogging up your goggles. It is challenging to deal with any work with foggy goggles. We’ll help you to keep your goggles from fogging. But let’s first know how foggy goggle affects our performance during swimming. Swimming is indeed more than a game for an athlete.

So, a professional swimmer never likes any disruption during his swimming. The fogging inside the goggles resist the swimmer from giving his best by making the vision unclear under the water. Conversely, without swimming goggles, your vision is restricted under the water. It hampers the performance of the swimmer a lot. There’s no option but to use swimming goggles; you must know about protecting them from fogging.

How to Keep Goggles from Fogging?

The swimming goggle is a simple but functional gear for the water-lover. It works amazingly to keep your eyes protected from the chemicals of water. However, it is unimaginable to take part in swimming without the gear. Nevertheless, the little gear creates complexity during swimming when it gets fogged.

So, it’s compulsory to protect the goggles from getting fogged. Fortunately, there are several practical and easy ways of keeping your goggle from fogging. Once you start to follow the tracks, you’ll notice it’s dramatically improving your vision.

1. First of All, Try Home Solutions to Prevent Fog

When it comes to finding home solutions for preventing fog from goggles, you’ll find countless options. But most of them are not long-lasting solutions. You can temporarily rely on those inexpensive solutions to prevent the fog from your goggle’s lenses. Here are those home solutions that’ll help you lessen fogging from the goggles.

2. Try Splashing Cool Water, And Yes, It Works!

The leading cause of accumulating fog is the difference between the external and internal temperatures of the goggles. Therefore, splash an adequate amount of water on your face 4 to 5 times before wearing your goggles. It will lower the temperature difference between your face and your goggles.

3. Stop Rubbing Your Swim Goggles With the Finger

It is the most common mistake that swimmers make when the goggles get foggy. But it doesn’t give a clear vision through the goggles. Instead, it makes a scratch on your goggles.

4. Use Absolutely Effective Saliva Solution

Saliva is an effortless solution to resisting the fog, only if you have no problem with a bit of spit. Put a little amount of saliva inside the lenses of your goggles. Rub it thoroughly and cover both of your lenses. Saliva will add a layer inside the lenses of your goggles and resist the formation of fog.

The coating doesn’t stay for an extended time in your goggle. Hence, it cannot be used as a long-lasting solution for preventing fog from your goggles. Nonetheless avoid, the chemical near your eyes is a short-term solution.

5. Use Baby Shampoo Or Liquid Soap

A little amount of liquid soap or baby shampoo will amazingly stop goggles from fogging up. Sounds strange, isn’t so? You’ll believe it when you see its magic with your own eyes. Take a couple of drops of baby shampoo or liquid soap, and put them on the lenses of your goggles. Rub the shampoo with your finger and leave the ingredients on the lenses for 15 minutes.

Rinse the goggles with water and wash the excess amount of soap thoroughly. Similar to saliva, it also creates a protective layer on the lenses of your goggle. Consequently, the goggles remain protected from fog formation for some time.

The little amount of soap that will remain inside your goggles will prevent the plastic from fogging up. Instead of baby shampoo, you also can use shaving cream to create a layer inside the goggles. Nevertheless, make sure you have washed the soap correctly so that it cannot hurt your eyes.

6. You Can Try Potato to Remove Fog

Take a piece of potato and expose some juice from it by pressing. Rub the potato on your goggle lenses and spread it to the whole lens. The potato flesh will create a protective layer on the lenses of your goggles. The layer will keep your goggle lenses moisture-free.

Hence there will not be the formation of fog on your goggle lenses. Rinse the goggle into the water and wash away the visible residual from the goggle.

7. Use Toothpaste And a Toothbrush

Toothpaste is another effective home solution for preventing the formation of fog. Please take a little amount of toothpaste and put it on both of your goggles lenses. Spread the ingredients to the whole lens with a toothbrush.

8. Try Commercial Options to Prevent Fog

Indeed, the home ingredient is not a long-lasting solution for preventing the fog from the goggle’s lenses. If you want durable solutions to keep goggles from fogging, you better try the commercial options.

9. Anti-Fog Spray Or Fog Prevention Wipe

Anti-fog spray is a long-lasting commercial fog-preventing solution. Creating an anti-layer inside the lenses ensures fancy protection. If you’re not satisfied with your home solutions, you better invest in the anti-fog spray.

With a small anti-fog spray, you can reduce the fog from your goggles lenses. Spray the anti-fog spray to the inside of your goggle lenses and rub it with a paper towel. It’ll remove the residual spray and create an invisible layer inside your goggle lenses.

10. Select a Protective Eyewear

The moisture from your breathing is the main reason for causing fog in the goggle lenses. Ventilation included protective eyewear to reduce moisture by eradicating the built-up heat inside your goggles. Therefore, purchase protective eyewear, including ventilation. Make sure it is set on your face perfectly.

11. Invest In A Decent Anti-Fogging Goggles

Invest in a decent anti-fogging goggle if you want a long-time solution to the fogging problem. It might be a bit expensive, but it reduces the necessity of using the anti-fogging material. There are endless options for decent anti-fogging goggles on the market. Choose any of them which hold the top quality and include the “Anti-fogging” marks.

12. Burn the Protective Film from Your Goggle

A diving musk named scuba uses a thin, protective film coating to make the goggle’s lenses. The layer quickly accumulates fog inside the lenses. So, to keep the diving mask fog-free, burn the film coating of the goggle’s lenses.

But make sure the heat cannot burn the goggles’ silicon, rubber, or plastic insulation. Burning of these materials will deprive the capacity of the goggles to be water-proof. Seek the help of your local shop if you fail or are uncomfortable doing so.

13. Sink your face & goggles into pool water

Commonly, your body temperature rises when you swim, but the temperature of the water remains cool. Temperature changes combined with the sweat produced can also cause goggle fogging.

Just, soaking your face and goggles in pool water preparatory to put on your goggles will help combat fogging, give the surface of your face and goggles time to warm up to the temperature of the water, and gradually raise your body temperature.

Why Are My Swimming Goggles Fogging Up?

With the formed condensation inside the goggle’s lenses, it fogs up. There are several reasons for fogging up your goggles.

1. No-Anti Fogging Features

Several inexpensive swimming goggles come without any tight protection. Most of them come within a layer inside their lenses. The thin layer of an anti-fogging shield is one of the causes of fogging inside your goggles. If your swimming goggles have no anti-fogging feature, your lenses will get fogged whenever you swim.

2. Wear And Tear

Sometimes the goggles having the anti-fogging features still experience fogging into the water. The reason is that the used protection of the goggles is not permanent; hence, it will degrade after a period. Several issues make the anti-fogging protection degrade. These are the heat of sun rays, scratching, dropping the goggles, etc.

Final Word

We all know that perfect eyewear is a must for every swimmer, skier, and athlete. However, foggy goggles are the most problematic part for them and challenging. So most of us always have this question, “How to keep ski and swimming goggles out of the fog.” To get a solution to this, we have tried our best to give you all possible answers. We strongly believe that if you follow each of our strategies or choose one or two remedies, you will get rid of your lifelong problem.

Thanks for being with us.

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