How to Attach Snorkel to Swimming Goggles

To attach a snorkel to swimming goggles, clip the snorkel’s attachment piece onto the goggle strap. Ensure the clip is snug against the strap to prevent movement.

Entering the water with the proper gear is essential for any swimming or snorkeling experience. Securing your snorkel to your goggles is a basic but crucial step to ensure a seamless underwater adventure. This simple action not only enhances comfort but also improves functionality, allowing you to breathe with ease while you explore aquatic environments.

For both amateur and experienced swimmers, understanding the correct method to attach a snorkel is a fundamental skill. This guide is designed to provide a straightforward approach to combining your snorkeling equipment, ensuring you can dive into your activities with confidence and safety. Remember, a well-attached snorkel is pivotal for clear breathing and an enjoyable swim.


Can You Attach Snorkel To Goggles?

Yes, you can attach a snorkel to goggles using a clip designed to hold the snorkel securely to the goggle strap.

Can I Use A Snorkel With Swim Goggles?

Yes, you can use a snorkel with swim goggles, ensuring the goggles have a nose cover or pairing them with a separate nose clip for comfort and water tightness.

How Do You Attach A Snorkel Clip?

Align the snorkel clip with the mask strap. Slide it over the strap’s edge until it snaps securely. Check to ensure the clip holds the snorkel firmly in place without obstructing the mask seal or comfort.

Where Does A Snorkel Attach?

A snorkel typically attaches to the left side of a diving mask’s strap.


Attaching a snorkel to swimming goggles can be a breeze with the right technique. By following our step-by-step guide, you’ve upgraded your underwater experience. Remember, a secure fit ensures more fun and less fuss. Dive in and enjoy the view with confidence, knowing your gear is set up perfectly.

Happy snorkeling!

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